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About us

Our approach
La Vita Nova’s purpose is to offer a service that caters for the individual’s needs, by undertaking a comprehensive assessment to ensure an appropriate and relevant service is delivered.

We at La Vita Nova understand that a person's needs may change as time proceeds, as such by offering a development pathway, we will ensure that our ethos and philosophy of care continues as people progress through life.
Dignity is the focus of our work. La Vita Nova believes in the principles of respect, tolerance and social equality, and we regard self-determination as the key to fulfilment for all of us. These values are reflected in our day-to-day work with individuals.

We believe that it is important for us to treat each and every person as an individual, to support their goals, to widen their life experiences, and ensure they are able to live a fulfilling life.
Positive behaviour support
At La Vita Nova we believe in a Positive Behaviour Support philosophy, whereby we respect and understand that often, complexities and difficulties in communication and expressing oneself may be translated into challenging behaviour. These behaviours are manifestations of frustration, and need to be understood with the individual to ensure mutual trust, and that our approach will be to work with the individual at their pace, limiting the onset of possible behaviours.

La Vita Nova’s team are experienced trained professionals, who reflect their wealth of knowledge in their practice. Our Quality Assurance systems enable service users, families and professionals to evaluate our staff and company, allowing us to make those changes necessary to improve the individuals experience with us.
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